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Oceanic White Tip shark, Elphinstone 30th July 2017 by Ismail Hazem

31 July, 2017

Our lucky divers who are staying at Marsa Shagra having a close encounter with an Oceanic White Tip. Thanks to Ismail Hazem for sharing the video.

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Dolphins at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Sarah

23 July, 2017

An afternoon trip to Elphinstone was delayed on the way by this encounter with a large group of spinner dolphins at the entrance to Marsa Shagra house reef. The dolphins were mating and the group included...

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Big Bottlenose Dolphin at Elphinstone by Manuel

15 July, 2017

Check out this amazing video from our Marsa Shagra guest, Manuel, who captured a great encounter with a curious dolphin at Elphinstone. Thank you for sharing!

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Oceanic White Tip at Elphinstone by Manuel

12 July, 2017

Thanks to Manuel for sharing this fantastic video of an oceanic white tip coming nice and close at Elphinstone reef yesterday on a trip from Marsa Shagra with Mohammed Ezz. Amazing encounter and lovely...

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Hammerhead at Elphinstone Reef by Martin

11 July, 2017

Lucky divers from Marsa Shagra with our guide Mohammed Ezz had this close encounter with a totally chilled hammerhead at Elphinstone yesterday morning. Thanks to Martin Madsen for sharing the video!

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White Tip Reef Shark and Grey Reef Shark at Elphinstone

09 July, 2017

Elphinstone just keeps delivering sharks to our guests - this morning it was a grey reef shark and white tip reef shark on the north plateau! Thanks to Hany Hassan for sharing the shots!

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Dolphins at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Hany Hassan

08 July, 2017

Thanks to Hany Hassan for sharing these great shots of 6 dolphins at Marsa Shagra house reef yesterday afternoon! What a beautiful encounter! Our small group of divers were doing the South house reef by...

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Bottlenose dolphins mating at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Martina

08 July, 2017

Remember the dolphin video from Hany Hassan? Well here's another video from the same moment at Marsa Shagra house reef, by Martina. You can clearly see the male indopacific bottlenose dolphins trying to...

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Manta and Grey Reef Shark at Elphinstone by Bahi and Moataz

29 June, 2017

Thanks to Bahi and Moataz for sharing this video during their stay in Marsa Shagra Village, of manta and grey reef shark at Elphinstone.

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"Catching of the day" A moray hunting at Marsa Shagra house reef by Wael Gad

06 June, 2017

Thanks to Wael Gad and Gabriele for sharing this video for a Moray hunting a Unicorn fish, from their night dive in the house reef at Marsa Shagra.

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Dolphins at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Khaled

21 May, 2017

A beautiful morning at the bay of Shagra House Reef today where we were joined by around 30 spinner dolphins, playing with our guests for a few hours. What an amazing experience. Thanks to Khaled Said...

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Dugong at Marsa Abu Dabab by Anne

16 May, 2017

Thanks to Anne for sharing this great video of her encounter with the dugong on her trip from Marsa Shagra to Marsa Abu Dabab with our guide Tarek today! They spent around 12 minutes with the dugong -...

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Bottlenose Dolphin at Marsa Nakari House Reef by Tony and Julie

14 May, 2017

Thank you so much to Julie Stevens and Tony Bennett for sharing these shots of a bottlenose dolphin at Marsa Nakari house reef from their trip in April. What a magical dive where the dolphin plays in the...

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Whale Shark at Habili Nakari by Assem

14 May, 2017

When you finish a dive with dolphins and you're buzzing, and the skipper tells you to be quick because there's a whale shark passing you know it's your lucky day! That's what happened to our Marsa Nakari...

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Dugong at Marsa Mubarak by Arnaud

22 April, 2017

Thanks to Arnaud for sharing this lovely video during his stay at Marsa Shagra Village, for a Dugong  at Marsa Mubarak.

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Two Bottlenose dolphins at Ras Bonny by Hamada

28 March, 2017

Thanks to Hamada for sharing this lovely video for two Bottlenose dolphins at Ras Bonny this morning at Wadi Lahami. They spent a lot of time playing with the divers.

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Lobster on a night dive at Marsa Shagra Village

22 March, 2017

Quite a rare find here and so cool! Thanks to our Dutch guests for sharing this video of a lobster at Marsa Shagra Village.

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Two Bottlenose Dolphins at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Sherif Darwish

16 March, 2017

Thanks to Sherif for sharing these lovely video clips of two Indopacific Bottlenose Dolphins hanging out at Marsa Shagra House Reef! They spent several hours with our different groups of divers just at...

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