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Hammerhead in Elphinstone

10 mai, 2014

Always worth to go to dive at 6am with Red Sea Diving Safari! This is beautiful footage from our instructor, Karolina Bakalarczyk which was taken yesterday during the early morning dive at Elphinstone.

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Black Tip Reef Shark - Marsa Shagra

03 avril, 2014

Black Tip Reef Shark at RSDS Marsa Shagra House Reef! This clip was filmed by a Wildwater Group from Holland. Thank you Guys!

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27 octobre, 2013

Dugong & Longimanus – all in the same diving week! Our return guest Ivo de Bruijn had two amazing encounters within only 3 diving days! The Dugong in Marsa Abu Dabbab and an Oceanic White Tip shark in...

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Thresher Shark at Elphinstone

26 juin, 2013

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better at Elphinstone with recent sightings of hammerheads, longimanus, manta and many more, on Wednesday morning our guests had a rare sighting of a Thresher Shark....

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Longimanus at Elphinstone

24 avril, 2013

In the last weeks our guests have been very lucky with hammerhead sightings at Elphinstone, but this morning they also had an appearance from an oceanic white tip. Check out all the pilot fish tagging...

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Hammerhead on Marsa Shagra House Reef

23 mars, 2013

Our new instructor Cyril and his lucky divers saw a Hammerhead Shark on Marsa Shagra house reef yesterday morning. They were at a depth of 32m when the curious Hammerhead approached closely and then carried...

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Baby Black Tip Sharks at Marsa Shagra

01 mai, 2011

Baby black tip reef sharks are back at Marsa Shagra's beautiful house reef. So cute and curious... they're just irresistible to watch!

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