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Dive Nakari with Saeed Rashid

Dive Nakari with Saeed Rashid

The expertise of Saeed coupled with Red Sea Diving Safari’s unique and relaxed atmosphere is a perfect combination to help you to develop your skills to capture your subject to its full potential underwater, then when back on land guide you through a series of simple post-production techniques.

This trip is a must for anyone wanting to improve their underwater photography at the same time as experiencing some of the most fantastic diving from a shore based dedicated diving village the Red Sea has to offer. 

Saeed will be on hand to guide you through the underwater photography process from start to finish. 

He will not only help you to develop your skills to spot and frame your subject to its full potential underwater, but also show you how to polish your images using a variety of simple post-production techniques when back ashore.

Diving will be a mix of independent house reef diving in buddy pairs or small groups, and optional excursions to other dive sites, hand picked for being especially good for photographers. A range of macro and wide angle opportunities will be made available. Saeed will give a daily talk and set tasks and objectives to help you improve all aspects of your underwater photography, and is on hand to provide individual support and constructive critique of images. The house reef at Marsa Nakari is the ideal place for practicing techniques at your leisure and with total independence. It has an interesting topography with swim-throughs and pinnacles, fish cleaning stations, a few resident turtles, as well as a large patch of beautiful anemones. All the usual Red Sea reef fish can be found and if you keep an eye in the blue you never know what might pass by. Depths and conditions are suitable for all levels and zodiacs are available to take you to the outer reef, meaning there is plenty to explore for all divers.

Saeed, a self-professed neek (both a nerd and a geek combined) is here to share his knowledge and expertise with you in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Saeed is a popular choice for photography workshops for his approachability, energy, enthusiasm and sense of fun, which will make your experience memorable as well as informative.

A regular speaker at both the London and Birmingham International Dive Shows, Saeed hosts successful workshops for underwater photography and post production editing, both in the UK and abroad. Whether you have just picked up your first camera, or have been shooting for years, Saeed’s relaxed and personal approach will ensure you benefit from his extensive knowledge and professional experiences.

Workshop price includes workshop fee only and is charged on top of accommodation, diving and transfers.

Workshop Schedule

November (08-11) 2014


Duration: 8 days


€ 240/ per person (workshop fee only)

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Guests in the UK should book through Oonasdivers ( The workshop fee does not include accommodation, diving package or transfers.



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