Snorkeling is definitely the most enjoyable activity above the spectrum of colors just under these waters. The bays, reef walls and off-shore reefs along the coastline are some of the most pristine underwater habitats in the world. It's very common to run into turtles, reef sharks, or dolphins anywhere along the coastline.

When snorkeling from the shore it is important to only enter the water from a designated area like a bay (marsa) or lagoon (halk). Crossing the back reef to enter the water can be dangerous and we recommend that you wear adequate skin protection (from the sun and against abrasions) and rubber-soled booties when entering the water.

In addition to the specialist snorkeling trips below, most of the dive sites at our three villages are suitable for snorkelers. Please check in the diving centre to find out more information about joining our dive trips as a snorkeler.

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