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Red Sea Diving Safari was discovered as a great place for freediving by Franck Misserat, freediving instructor of Le Point Formation from France. We are now visited by more and more individual freedivers and groups of freedivers each year because of the excellent organisation, the level of safety, and the beautiful reefs.

Marsa Shagra and Marsa Nakari are ideal for freediving due to their easily accessible and protected house reefs. From all three of our villages you can access over 60 dive sites with a variety of underwater landscapes such as canyons, wrecks and reefs, as well as a rich marine life including dolphins, dugongs, turtles and more.

Marsa Shagra has hosted famous freedivers like Umberto Pelizzari, holder of multiple discipline world records and star in many TV-documentaries and other freediving record holders like Akos Engyel, the Hungarian Champion and number 8 in the world (with 134 meters Dynamic (Mono Fin Swimming), 6 minutes 20 seconds Static and 55 meters Deep). More recently world record holder, Andrea Zuccari, visited Shagra and Lahami and identified the locations as ideal for freediving and freediving activities such as breathing and relaxation techniques practice.

Red Sea Diving Safari has an on-site full time AIDA freediving instructor available for teaching courses up to AIDA 3 as well as individual training sessions and guided excursions.

In addition to fixed buoys of different depths, Marsa Shagra and Marsa Nakari also offer a freediving ‘station’ package that can be booked with a minimum of 6 freedivers. The Rib station is moored in the protected area of the house reef with the following: 
  • One 15 meter rope
  • One 20 meter rope
  • One 45 meter rope
  • One 50 meter rope
In case of additional requests we will try to fulfill your wishes on site, according to availability. Zodiac transfer from shore to free diving station are required.


We offer a variety of AIDA International Courses in Marsa Shagra and Marsa Nakari with our certified on-site AIDA instructor. Courses are conducted at our house reef which is accessible directly from the shore, and has a protected bay with a variety of depths, with buoys and lines. Our preparation area is a large shaded area with individual lockers for storing equipment and kitting up. We also have safety equipment according to the AIDA standards and staff trained in First Aid response.

The following courses are available as individual courses or with different packages. For pricing, please see our price lists.

  • Be 18 years of age or older (16 or 17 years old with parent or guardian consent)
  • Be able to swim at least 100m non-stop
Requirements: none
Minimum water sessions: 1

This course offers a basic knowledge of freediving and introductory skills such as relaxation of body and mind, finning techniques, duck dives and equalisation.

  • Be 18 years of age or older (16 or 17 years old with parent or guardian consent)
  • Can swim at least 200m non-stop without fins and at least 300m non-stop with mask, fins and snorkel
Requirements: 2 minutes STA; 40 meters DYN, 16 meters CWT, theoretical exam
Minimum water sessions: 5

The static and dynamic sessions in confined water are used to teach relaxation, breathing, finning and safety techniques. In the open water sessions students will apply the skills they have learned in the pool / confined water sessions and combine them with the basic skills of open water freediving such as equalizing, duck diving, vertical swimming, body positioning, turns and use of buoyancy.

The freediving theory will include: Introduction to Freediving, Freediving Breathing Cycle, Basic Physiology of Freediving, Equalization, Freediving Techniques, Safety in Freediving, Equipment in Freediving, Freediving Disciplines.

  • Be 18 years of age or older (16 or 17 years old with parent or guardian consent)
  • Can swim at least 200m non-stop without fins and at least 300m non-stop with mask, fins and snorkel, 
  • Have completed the AIDA2 course or have completed the AIDA2 Crossover Evaluation if crossing over from another freediving agency.
Requirements: 2:45 minutes STA; 55 meters DYN, 24 meters CWT, theoretical exam
Minimum water sessions: 6

The course is designed to further develop skills from previous levels, to acquire new skills and gain a higher knowledge of safety procedures and techniques. The new techniques that are introduced are free-fall, Frenzel Equalizing, the use of training tables, the risks of increasing and decreasing pressure and also how to minimize these risks. Students will train these skills in the most common disciplines of freediving: Static Apnoea, Dynamic Apnoea, Free Immersion and Constant Weight.
The theory will include: Physiology, Equalization, Barotrauma, Lungs at Depth, Buoyancy, Shallow Water Blackout, Training Concepts, The Mammalian Dive Response, Decompression Sickness , Surface Intervals and the Freediver's Code of Conduct.

Emergency Equipment:

  • O2 tank and mask ready to use at free diving station
  • 1 Divers set BCD + regulator + tank
  • 1 Flag for emergency signal

Free diving is also available in Wadi Lahami. The Fury Shoals reef system offers beautiful coral landscapes, canyons, swim-throughs and wrecks, all accessible to free divers.

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