Photo Competition Rules & Prize

Our monthly photo competition is open for anyone who is registered on our website. Your personal information is kept strictly confidential & RSDS will never divulge this info to a third party without your permission. Registered guests are enabled to upload & rate photo competition images.


  • Flights are not included.
  • On site extras (cafeteria purchases, souvenirs, marine park fees, extra dives, diving equipment etc.) are not included.
  • The prize is for one person. A single supplement will apply to accommodation if you decide to travel alone.
  • Only one competition prize may be redeemed per booking (2 photo competition winners cannot use their prize while staying together in the same room in the same time)
  • The prize can be booked directly through our reservations team, or by using one of our partner travel agencies
  • The prize must be used within 12 months of receiving the winning confirmation email
  • The prize will be offered according to availability and the months of October and November are excluded.
  • The prize is not transferable and not exchangeable for cash.
  • The winner will be informed by email and the winning photo will also be announced on our Facebook page, and the ‘News’ and photo competition sections of our website. We cannot be held responsible for winners who do not receive their notification and we encourage all users to check their registered email address (including spam) and to check our website to see if they are a winner or not.

Competition Rules

How does the competition work?
  • Each participant can enter as many photos as they wish by uploading them to their account on the Red Sea Diving Safari website.
  • Every day the RSDS team picks a photo from all the photos entered to be a 'Photo of the Day'.
  • If your photo is picked as a 'Photo of the Day' then it has a chance to win the monthly competition.
  • At the end of the month, the RSDS team audits all the votes to ensure that everyone has played fairly and in the fun spirit of the competition (please see the note below about voting)
  • After the audit, the top photos, as ranked by the public, are sent to our Photo Pro, Paul Duxfield.
  • The winner will be chosen either by outright selection by Paul Duxfield OR by Facebook poll between his choice of two.
  • The winner will be informed by email with full details of their prize, and a news article will be published on our website with feedback from the judge about his decision.
  • The winning photo may be published and congratulated on our Facebook page.
  • Voting on each photo is by star rating, with 1* being the lowest and 5* being the highest.
  • We encourage people to ask their friends and family to register and vote for their photos, but we ask that participants do not deliberately 'downrate' other photos to push them out of the competition. In cases of clear downrating, all the votes from that user will be removed. Repeated downrating will lead to a user being banned from the competition indefinitely.
General guidelines
  • Each member registered on our website can participate in the competition with more than one photo and for more than one month. 
  • Photos uploaded and not chosen as "Photo of the Day" will remain in the competition for the following months. 
  • Only high resolution photos (300 DPI, between min 1mb - max 3mb & max 3000 x 2300 px) & photos taken in the Red Sea are eligible to win the monthly competition. 
  • Photos must be submitted without a watermark. 
  • In order to ensure a fair competition and distribution of prizes, the judges may decide to choose from the top 8 ranked photos from the public voting. 
  • The judge's decision is final. 
  • By participating in the photo competition, you certify that the photo is the result of your own work & you release RSDS, RSDS representatives, RSDS sales network (partner agents), as well as RSDS affiliated projects , from any infringements related to copyright issues. You are aware that your photo may be used more widely in various multimedia presentations including but not limited to internet graphics, presentations, videos, print media & stakeholder publications listed above. In summary: the copyright remains yours but you authorise Red Sea Diving Safari and our partners to use your photo in connection with the promotion of Red Sea Diving Safari or partner projects. This applies to all photos entered into the competition (not just the winners).


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