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Baby Batfish at Marsa Nakari by Pavlina

09 November, 2016

Always take care when cleaning the sea - Pavlina found this baby batfish among the rubbish she was cleaning at Marsa Nakari house reef.

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Shrimpfish in the seagrass at Marsa Nakari by Pavlina

03 November, 2016

Look at how healthy our seagrass is right now at Marsa Nakari Village! The perfect hiding place for all kinds of critters - here is a shrimpfish that Pavlina found in a just a few cm of water. Thanks for...

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Mimic Octopus at Marsa Abu Dabab by Izabela

04 October, 2016

Thanks to Izabela Demacker for sharing this amazing video of a rare mimic octopus she found in Marsa Abu Dabab on an excursion from Marsa Shagra! Marsa Abu Dabab isn't just about turtles and dugongs -...

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Seamoths at Salah by Hossam

17 August, 2016

Check out these cool Seamoths that our lucky Wadi Lahami guests saw at Salah dive site last week! Thanks to Hossam for sharing the shots!

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Eagle Rays at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Blake and Sabrina

09 August, 2016

Thanks to Blake and Sabrina for their collection of shots from dives and snorkeling of the three eagle rays that have taken up temporary residence in the bay at Marsa Shagra house reef over the last few...

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Seamoth at Marsa Shagra House Reef

13 June, 2016

Great spot by Wayne Fisher of this seamoth on Marsa Shagra House Reef during an afternoon dive. Not easy to spot on the sandy bottom, and hard to film too! 

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Manta Ray at Elphinstone by Pavlina

28 May, 2016

Thank you to Pavlina for sharing this short clip of a manta ray at Elphinstone which she saw with Mohamed Ezz and their guests! So lucky!

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Eagle Ray at Marsa Nakari House Reef by David Oakley

24 May, 2016

RSDS is not just for divers! David is a snorkeler who has been visiting Marsa Nakari for 8 years. He found this eagle ray while snorkelling at Marsa Nakari house reef - how beautiful! thanks for sharing...

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Dugong at Marsa Egla by Mike Rayner

13 May, 2016

Another amazing dugong encounter for our guests from Marsa Shagra Village! Thanks to Mike Rayner for sharing these clips of his dive in Marsa Egla where they spent more than 30 minutes with the dugong. 

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Dugong at Marsa Egla by Matthias Jaquet

12 May, 2016

Our lucky divers, guided by our dugong magnet Mohamed Ezz, were lucky enough to see the dugong in Marsa Egla and to spend no less than 35 minutes in its company. How magical! Despite how lucky Ezz is with...

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Dugong at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Ahmed Ryad

05 May, 2016

Thanks so much to Ahmed Ryad for sharing video of this super special moment a dugong came to visit Marsa Shagra house reef!

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Marlin at Elphinstone

03 May, 2016

Thanks to Hussin for sharing this video of a marlin that our Marsa Shagra guests saw on the way back from Elphinstone!

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Leopard Ray at Shabrour North

28 April, 2016

Thanks to Hossam for sharing this cool video of a leopard ray at Shabrour North!

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Manta Ray at Abu Galawa

28 April, 2016

Thanks to Hossam for sharing this amazing footage of a small manta which came to say hi to our divers at Abu Galawa! Lucky divers!

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Dugong at Marsa Egla

27 January, 2016

Thanks to Stephane for sharing this video of the dugong at Marsa Egla a couple of days ago! Lucky divers Martine, Stephane and Jean Marc were with our guide Haitham for this lucky encounter!

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Dugong at Marsa Mourain

29 October, 2015

Thanks to Coco Ank and Cedric Sprengers for this amazing video of a dugong in Marsa Mourain the other day! Thanks for sharing.

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Huge Manta at Maksour 9th July 2015

09 July, 2015

Super lucky divers at Wadi Lahami were treated to this encounter with a very big manta ray at Maksour today! Thanks so much to Tim de Rijk for sharing this beautiful video - sounds like he was quite excited......

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Whale Shark at Habili Nakari

25 October, 2014

On the 25th October 2014 morning our divers guided by our Padi Instructor Moustafa, met this amazing creature on the way back to RSDS Marsa Nakari, after they dive in Habili Nakari. They all jumped in...

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