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Oceanic White Tip Sharks at Elphinstone by Pascale

21 September, 2016

This morning our divers and guide Ezz from Marsa Shagra were accompanied by no less than 6 oceanic white tip sharks at Elphinstone, sometimes all present at the same time! Thanks to Pascale for sharing...

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Oceanic White Tip Sharks at Elphinstone by Eamon

21 September, 2016

Thanks to Eamon for sharing these shots of the 6 oceanic white tips our guests from Marsa Shagra saw in Elphinstone this morning with our dive guide Mohammed Ezz. It's really an amazing season in Elphinstone...

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Oceanic White Tip Sharks at Elphinstone by Adham el Hadary

18 September, 2016

Thanks to Adham for sharing these shots of the lovely encounter with Oceanic White Tip Sharks at Elphinstone yesterday morning. We have daily encounters with up to 4-5 sharks and often they come up nice...

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Oceanic White Tip Sharks at Elphinstone by Nagy

12 September, 2016

Thanks to Nagy for sharing these shots of the Oceanics at Elphinstone where around 5 sharks got up close and personal with our Marsa Shagra guests. During these days we are running 3 trips to Elphinstone...

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Oceanics in Elphinstone by Ahmed Elzahwi

23 August, 2016

Thanks to Ahmed Elzahwi for sharing these shots of the oceanic white tip sharks (longimanus) in Elphinstone this week! Some really great, close encounters for our Marsa Shagra guests!

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Oceanic White Tips at Elphinstone by Pavlina and Iga

10 August, 2016

The last few days have been amazing for our guests in Marsa Shagra visiting Elphinstone with daily close up encounters with multiple Oceanic White Tip sharks. Thanks to Pavlina and Iga for sharing their...

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Hammerheads and Grey Reef at Elphinstone by Dr Hossam

05 August, 2016

This morning at Elphinstone we had a great sighting of hammerheads and a grey reef shark at Elphinstone. These sightings are quite common at the moment but Dr Hossam got some great shots of the hammerheads...

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Bait ball on the way to Satayah Reef from Wadi Lahami

03 August, 2016

This morning on the way to Satayah Reef to dive from Wadi Lahami, we came across this bait ball with four sharks hunting. We didn't jump in but at least saw it from the surface, and the GoPro went in the...

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Hammerhead and Grey Reef at Elphinstone by James Coope

07 June, 2016

Thanks to James for sharing these shots of hammerheads and grey reef that he saw at Elphinstone Reef on 7th June with our guide Mohamed Ezz. What an amazing encounter!

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Hammerhead and Grey Reef at Elphinstone by Karen Dresch

18 May, 2016

Thanks to Karen Dresch for sharing this cool footage of the moment a hammerhead and grey reef crossed in front of her at Elphinstone! 

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Grey Reef Shark at Elphinstone by Ahmed Ryad

05 May, 2016

Check out this lovely video of a grey reef shark at Elphinstone - thanks so much to Ahmed for sharing!

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White Tip Reef Shark at Hard Road

28 April, 2016

Thanks to Hossam for sharing this footage of a large white tip reef shark at Hard Road (East of Abu Galawa). Lovely encounter!

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Hammerheads & Grey Reef Shark at Elphinstone

26 April, 2016

Thanks to Werner Sark for sharing this lovely video of his amazing encounter with a grey reef shark and hammerheads at Elphinstone. Lovely to see them so comfortable and coming so close to the group...

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Whale Shark at Nemo City

24 October, 2015

Whaleshark! Whoop! Here's a great video from Roel and Andre Emman of the whale shark at Nemo City! What a great sight to see the largest fish on the planet - dive guide Shawky said he was amazed when he...

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Longimanus Selfie at Elphinstone

12 October, 2015

Thanks to Thomas Steen for this excellent Longimanus video from Elphinstone a couple of days ago - including one of the best selfies ever taken we reckon! The ending is also brilliant - "Did that just...

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Mako Shark At Elphinstone !!

06 August, 2014

Amazing sighting for our Shagra guests on 6th August 2014. Our divers with Shawky and Hatem were so lucky to see a Mako Shark at Elphinstone reef at the surface. Thanks so much to Hussein Mohamed and Farida...

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Hammerheads at Elphinstone!

05 June, 2014

Our founder and CEO, Hossam Helmy, went to Elphinstone on the afternoon of 5th June. He was lucky to see the hammerheads so many of our guests have been seeing in recent weeks. Of course he had his GoPro...

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Hammerhead in Elphinstone

10 May, 2014

Always worth to go to dive at 6am with Red Sea Diving Safari! This is beautiful footage from our instructor, Karolina Bakalarczyk which was taken yesterday during the early morning dive at Elphinstone.

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