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Whale Shark at Marsa Nakari house reef By Khaled Said

10 November, 2018

Thanks to Khaled Said for sharing this awesome video for a whale shark at Marsa Nakari house reef.

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Octopus Mating at Marsa Shagra by Trevor & Steven Le Page

02 October, 2018

Thanks to Trevor & Steven Le Page for sharing this awesome videos for Octopus mating from their dive in Marsa Shagra House Reef (North).

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Octopus at Marsa Shagra House Reef

02 October, 2018

This octopus was found at Marsa Shagra North house reef by Petra van Winkelhof and captured on video by Hans Somers. Thanks a lot for sharing your footage with us :)

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Leopard Ray

01 October, 2018

Our guest Hans Somers was following a baracuda, until he stumbled on a nice leopard whipray at 22m in Marsa Abu Dabbab.

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Snorkeling with Dugong - Abu Dabab - by James Stawicki

23 September, 2018

Thanks to James Stawicki for sharing his beautiful video for snorkeling with Dugong on the way to Abu Dabab, on his trip from Marsa Shagra.

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Oceanic Whitetip Shark at Elphinstone by Lothar Schopp

24 May, 2018

Thanks Lothar Schopp for sharing his video for an Oceanic Whitetip Shark from his dive at Elphinstone with our guide Ezz

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Oceanic White Tips at Elphinstone by Erik

11 May, 2018

What a dive! At the end of a beautiful dive in Elphinstone, not one, but two Oceanic White Tips showed up for the safety stop. Thanks to Erik for sharing these really beautiful videos. The oceanics certainly...

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Dolphins on the way from Elphinstone by Erik

09 May, 2018

After a great dive at Elphinstone Reef, topped off by an oceanic white tip sighting, what better way to finish than with a pod of big bottlenose dolphins on the speedboat ride back to Marsa Shagra. Thanks...

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Bottlenose Dolphins and Oceanic White Tip on the way to Elphinstone by Petra

06 May, 2018

Our lucky divers from Marsa Shagra had a great experience on the way to Elphinstone this morning while on the speedboat, spotting a pod of bottlenose dolphins and an oceanic white tip together! Thanks...

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Blotched Ray at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Gilles & Valerie

04 May, 2018

Thanks to our return guests, Gilles and Valerie, for sharing this lovely video of a blotched stingray they found at Marsa Shagra house reef. It's a quite unusual sighting and great video - the ray was...

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Oceanic Whitetip Shark at Elphinstone by Robby Frank

02 May, 2018

Thanks to Robby Frank for sharing this awesome video of an Oceanic Whitetip Shark at Elphinstone reef. A nice dive in the morning that was guided by Ezz

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Manta ray⎮Elphinstone⎮25.04.2018

25 April, 2018

Thank you to Ashraf Atef for sharing his Manta ray sighting in Elphinstone back in 2018, which will now complete the database of Manta Matcher. The same Manta ray was previously seen at Brothers on June...

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Dolphins at Marsa Shagra House Reef by Eliane Bürgisser

23 April, 2018

A large group of dolphins are playing in the house reef at Marsa Shagra. They spent more than 4 hours getting in and out the bay.  Thanks to Eliane Bürgisser for sharing this awesome video.

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Manta at Elphinstone by: Johan De Brabander

14 February, 2018

Thanks to Johan De Brabander for sharing this beautiful video for Manta in his dive at Elphinstone with our instructor Ezz.

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Bottlenose Dolphins at Marsa Nakari House reef by Oliver

02 December, 2017

Thanks to Oliver who was staying in Marsa Nakari Village for sharing this lovely video of some bottlenose dolphins in the house reef.

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Eagle Ray at Marsa Nakari house reef by Gerhard Pichler

29 November, 2017

Thanks to Gerhard Pichler who was staying in Marsa Nakari for sharing this amazing video of the Eagle Ray.

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Oceanic Whitetip Shark at Elphinstone - by Ahmed Hesham

13 November, 2017

This close encounter with an longimanus shark at Elphinstone during an early morning dive guided by Fadl was sent to us by Ahmed Hesham.

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Very curious Oceanic White Tip at Elphinstone

11 November, 2017

It's unusual for the oceanic white tips at Elphinstone to approach divers on one of the walls at Elphinstone but today was an exception! This shark spent a while getting up close and personal with our...

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