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White Tip Reef Shark at Hard Road

28 April, 2016

Thanks to Hossam for sharing this footage of a large white tip reef shark at Hard Road (East of Abu Galawa). Lovely encounter!

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Dolphins at Dolphin House (Shaab Samadai)

27 April, 2016

Thanks to Attar for sharing his amazing video of the huge number of dolphins his group saw in Dolphin House with Karim. The dolphins stayed for ages and came so close! Here's a taster of what they...

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Dolphins at Abu Dabab

27 April, 2016

Thanks to Werner Sark for sharing this wonderful video of a pod of bottlenose dolphins his group saw on the way to Abu Dabab. What a fantastic experience to be able to jump in and experience them close...

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Hammerheads & Grey Reef Shark at Elphinstone

26 April, 2016

Thanks to Werner Sark for sharing this lovely video of his amazing encounter with a grey reef shark and hammerheads at Elphinstone. Lovely to see them so comfortable and coming so close to the group...

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Dolphins on the way back from Elphinstone

21 April, 2016

Thanks to Jac and Annemieke from Holland for sharing this video of the huge pod of dolphins (120+!!) they saw while coming back from Elphinstone to Marsa Shagra with Karim and Rob. What an amazing experience!

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Dolphin at Marsa Nakari 3rd April

03 April, 2016

Thank you to Holger Fiedler for sharing this amazing video of their encounter with a bottlenose dolphin on Marsa Nakari house reef today! What luck!

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Dugong at Marsa Egla

27 January, 2016

Thanks to Stephane for sharing this video of the dugong at Marsa Egla a couple of days ago! Lucky divers Martine, Stephane and Jean Marc were with our guide Haitham for this lucky encounter!

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Hawksbill Turtle at Marsa Shagra

24 November, 2015

Thanks to Latif for sharing this lovely video of a Hawksbill turtle sleeping at Marsa Shagra!

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Dolphins at Lahami North

06 November, 2015

Thanks to Bastian Flury for sharing this wonderful video of a dolphin encounter at Lahami North with us. Three playful dolphins making a magical moment!

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Dugong at Marsa Mourain

29 October, 2015

Thanks to Coco Ank and Cedric Sprengers for this amazing video of a dugong in Marsa Mourain the other day! Thanks for sharing.

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Whale Shark at Nemo City

24 October, 2015

Whaleshark! Whoop! Here's a great video from Roel and Andre Emman of the whale shark at Nemo City! What a great sight to see the largest fish on the planet - dive guide Shawky said he was amazed when he...

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Longimanus Selfie at Elphinstone

12 October, 2015

Thanks to Thomas Steen for this excellent Longimanus video from Elphinstone a couple of days ago - including one of the best selfies ever taken we reckon! The ending is also brilliant - "Did that just...

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Huge Manta at Maksour 9th July 2015

09 July, 2015

Super lucky divers at Wadi Lahami were treated to this encounter with a very big manta ray at Maksour today! Thanks so much to Tim de Rijk for sharing this beautiful video - sounds like he was quite excited......

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Dolphins in Lahami during Overnight Trip

20 May, 2015

Our lucky Shagra guests Eliane & Corinne Zangger decided to get a taste of our most Southern village Wadi Lahami by spending a night there and diving at Angel and Claudia. They had two beautiful...

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Whale Shark at Habili Nakari

25 October, 2014

On the 25th October 2014 morning our divers guided by our Padi Instructor Moustafa, met this amazing creature on the way back to RSDS Marsa Nakari, after they dive in Habili Nakari. They all jumped in...

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Dolphins at Sharm Abu Dabab

08 October, 2014

A beautiful dolphin encounter for our guests on the way to dive in Sharm Abu Dabab on 8th October. Our divers with Shawky were on their way to dive in Sharm Abu Dabab when they saw some bottlenose dolphins....

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Whale Shark and Manta in Elphinstone

25 September, 2014

Most of our guests would dream to see a manta or a whale shark once in their lives but imagine seeing both at the same time. Ahmed Nawar and his group dropped into Elphinstone and were immediately forced...

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Mako Shark At Elphinstone !!

06 August, 2014

Amazing sighting for our Shagra guests on 6th August 2014. Our divers with Shawky and Hatem were so lucky to see a Mako Shark at Elphinstone reef at the surface. Thanks so much to Hussein Mohamed and Farida...

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