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Dolphins at Sharm Abu Dabab

08 October, 2014

A beautiful dolphin encounter for our guests on the way to dive in Sharm Abu Dabab on 8th October. Our divers with Shawky were on their way to dive in Sharm Abu Dabab when they saw some bottlenose dolphins....

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Whale Shark and Manta in Elphinstone

25 September, 2014

Most of our guests would dream to see a manta or a whale shark once in their lives but imagine seeing both at the same time. Ahmed Nawar and his group dropped into Elphinstone and were immediately forced...

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Mako Shark At Elphinstone !!

06 August, 2014

Amazing sighting for our Shagra guests on 6th August 2014. Our divers with Shawky and Hatem were so lucky to see a Mako Shark at Elphinstone reef at the surface. Thanks so much to Hussein Mohamed and Farida...

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Hammerheads at Elphinstone!

05 June, 2014

Our founder and CEO, Hossam Helmy, went to Elphinstone on the afternoon of 5th June. He was lucky to see the hammerheads so many of our guests have been seeing in recent weeks. Of course he had his GoPro...

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Grouper eating a puffer fish!

13 May, 2014

Thanks to Miroslav and Tereza Hajna we got this extraordinary footage of a grouper who tried to have lunch but didn't succeed. It is only a 36 second video but it really worth watching!

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Hammerhead in Elphinstone

10 May, 2014

Always worth to go to dive at 6am with Red Sea Diving Safari! This is beautiful footage from our instructor, Karolina Bakalarczyk which was taken yesterday during the early morning dive at Elphinstone.

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Turtle Nest at Marsa Nakari

08 May, 2014

On 8th May we were surprised to find a hawksbill turtle laying eggs in Marsa Nakari. We sought advice from the National Parks rangers, in particular Islam Elsadek, who is a turtle expert who showed us...

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Dolphins at Shagra House Reef!

03 May, 2014

More great footage of the dolphins who came to the Marsa Shagra House Reef on the 3rd of May. At 7am they were peacefully swimming with us in the bay. A big thanks to our instructor Karolina for this film....

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Dugong back in Marsa Abu Dabbab!!

22 April, 2014

The infamous sea cow (or its companions?) have been seen in other bays recently like Marsa Foukery or Marsa Mubarak. Now it seems to be back in the "usual" Dugong-Spot Abu Dabbab and our divers were there...

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Dolphins in Satayah, Wadi Lahami

07 April, 2014

Today our divers from Wadi Lahami were very lucky to spend their surface interval snorkelling with dolphins in Satayah (Fury Shoals). The dolphins kept circling our guests calmly and swimming right in...

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Manta in Elphinstone!!

07 April, 2014

Elphinstone is always full of surprises... Morning dive, 7am, 16 mt depth, east of the plateau. The Manta Ray was swimming around our Divers for nearly 20 minutes. What a beautiful encounter.. Thank you...

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Black Tip Reef Shark - Marsa Shagra

03 April, 2014

Black Tip Reef Shark at RSDS Marsa Shagra House Reef! This clip was filmed by a Wildwater Group from Holland. Thank you Guys!

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Bottlenose Dolphins Play on Marsa Shagra House Reef

27 December, 2013

Thanks to lucky guests Lotte and Peter Kejser for sharing their footage of a wonderful dolphin encounter on Marsa Shagra south reef at around 8:30am on 27th December. What a way to start the day! 27 December...

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Dolphins at Marsa Shagra

28 November, 2013

There is nothing better than arriving, do the first dive and being with dolphins. This is what happened just this morning to our new guests. Thank you Phill Lake for the video.

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Pregnant Dolphin

25 November, 2013

Our guest Martin got a nice birthday present on the way back from Elphinstone. He and his buddies had a nice encounter with a beautiful pregnant bottlenose dolphin with her two bodyguards passing close...

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27 October, 2013

Dugong & Longimanus – all in the same diving week! Our return guest Ivo de Bruijn had two amazing encounters within only 3 diving days! The Dugong in Marsa Abu Dabbab and an Oceanic White Tip shark in...

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Whale Shark at Elphinstone!!

Whale Shark at Elphinstone!!

19 August, 2013

Wowwwwwww!! This morning Cyril and his guests saw a WHALE SHARK at Elphinstone! It measured 4-5m long and passed them on the East wall at about 15m. Thanks to Madeline Duché for sharing her photos. You...

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Thresher Shark at Elphinstone

26 June, 2013

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better at Elphinstone with recent sightings of hammerheads, longimanus, manta and many more, on Wednesday morning our guests had a rare sighting of a Thresher Shark....

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