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Fluorescence Workshop

Fluorescence Workshop

The Fluo-Workshop is guided by Prof. Dr. Horst Grunz and Steffen Beyer. Both are specialists in Fluorescence and have vast experience in marine biology, informatics, video(photo)filming and torch construction (HiTec/HighPower torches since 2007).

With such a rich house reef so easily accessible from the shore, Marsa Shagra lends itself particularly well to night dives for divers of all levels. 

While the night dive experience is something quite special in itself, Red Sea Diving Safari is pleased to announce the possibility of carrying out night dives with fluorescence. 

An explanatory presentation and guided night dive is offered daily for those who want to experience the magic of fluo diving, between 8-24 May 2015. 

Fluo diving is not only for enjoyment of beautiful colours but is also very useful in assessing the health of a coral reef. Prof. Dr Horst Grunz is a molecular biologist experienced in this field, and a developer of the first HiTec fluorescence torches in 2007.

A first impression about the magic world during night dives can be seen on this YouTube movie.

Equipment is provided (torch and filter for mask) but guests must be qualified to carry out night dives in order to participate. Guests with underwater cameras may be interested in bringing their cameras to take unique photos which are not possible without this specialist equipment.

Detailed informations can be received by Horst via e-mail and also by phone: +49 201-53 13 22.

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