Red Sea Diving Safari is involved in a wide range of efforts and educative programs like Reef Check, Marine Biology Workshops, Videography Workshops, Photography Workshops.

Free Diving Workshop

Free Diving Workshop

No Tanx have been running free-diving courses and clubs for over 10 years and have designed the perfect itinerary to compliment Marsa Shagra’s idyllic setting. For qualified free-divers they offer a guided holiday of a lifetime, for beginners the opportunity to learn the beautiful art of free-diving.

Developed by applying yoga techniques to physiological training methods, The NTStyle is the only complete Apnea Training System. Whether you are a scuba diver, Health Apneist or recreational free-diver this luxury holiday/course is perfect to help you learn and develop. Activities Include:
Competition training
Rope clinics
Sled Diving
Dry exercises (Inc: Yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques)

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