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Reef Check Surveys

Reef Check Surveys

Become certified to conduct your own Reef Check surveys and take an active role in conserving your favorite coral reefs.<br/>This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to conduct full scale Reef Check surveys.

Red Sea Diving Safari has carried out more than 41 surveys at 13 dive sites in the Marsa Alam area.

We are happy to announce our official Reef Check survey dates are as follows:

Survey Schedule - POSTPONED until further notice:

  • Marsa Nakari North & South
  • Wadi Lahami Exposed & Protected
  • Marsa Gabel el Rosas

Survey Schedule: 8th-11th August 2021:

  • Marsa Shagra North & South
  • Abu Nawas Garden
  • Sharm Abu Dabab 
  • Shaab Nakari

All certified Reef Check Eco Divers are invited to join us in surveying these reefs. If you are not already a certified Reef Check Eco Diver, you may be interested to join our Reef Check Eco Diver Course

As official sponsors of Reef Check, Red Sea Diving Safari will be offering all survey dives free of charge to participants (excl. equipment).

For more information or to join our surveys please contact

Workshop Schedule

November (08-11) 2014


Duration: 4 days


€ 0/ per person

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Reef Check survey dives are free of charge for certified Eco Divers



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