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 Introduction to Underwater Filmmaking with David Diley

Introduction to Underwater Filmmaking with David Diley

Red Sea Diving Safari is pleased to introduce a brand new workshop with David Diley, award winning Film-Maker and Underwater Cinematographer. He is best known for his work with large sharks, stingray and commercial film productions for the UK Dive industry. This workshop is open to anyone seriously interested in improving their underwater videography in an informal, friendly, non-competitive environment.

This week long Underwater Film-Maker Workshop will provide you with a fresh and more detailed take on traditional underwater videography workshops. You do not need the latest, most expensive equipment to made good movies, with David’s help you will be amazed at the result you can achieve with your GoPro or DSLR.

Designed to cater for all abilities but especially relevant to those at beginner and intermediate level, this workshop aims not only to expand your knowledge of the technical aspects of filming underwater, but more importantly, to inspire you to unlock your creativity to help you tell engaging stories using your own creative voice.

During your week you will gain underwater cinematography techniques such as the art of diving as a camera operator, editing and post production-colour correction and grading, topside cinematography, effective storytelling, sound design and how best to deliver your videos for either public performance or online streaming, everything you need to turn your videos into engaging, short films. The primary objective of the workshop is to allow you to flourish in a creatively stimulating and non-competitive environment which encourages you to try different things and truly find talents you may not have previously known you have. Team work, questions and enthusiasm are encouraged and you will have unrestricted access to an award winning film-maker with professional expertise both behind and in front of the camera, as well as the entire post-production process.

Whether you want better holiday videos to share with friends or you want to become a professional yourself, this workshop is the ideal place to do some world class diving, learn and most importantly, have fun!

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