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Yoga Workshop - Autumn Equinox – Middle Body

Yoga Workshop - Autumn Equinox – Middle Body

Healing E-Motions in our bodies. Find out how Psychosomatic works - learn how to listen to your body.

The yoga workshop, led by Gosia, our on-site yoga teacher, will take place on 22th September 2024.

Let yourself dive deep into this workshop of Healing E-motions in your body. We are aware that everything affects our life and our health. Everything what we think, experience, and react to - makes a stamp in our body. The way we keep our head, the way we walk and position of our body when we sit shows what we experienced and endured.

The one-day workshop includes:

3 Classes of Yoga Practice with Kundalini Technology - Yoga Philosophy, Breathing, Meditation, Chanting, Ayurvedic Elements. You will learn how to breathe, move and find stability and comfort. 

Planned schedule

07:00 Practice - observation, relaxation and breath

10:00 Practice - movement and breath

18:00 Practice - mindfulness and concentration exercises

The yoga workshop is conducted in the Yoga Shala by the sea. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of your breath and relax to the sound of the waves, the wind and the Nepalese singing bowls. Please bring your mat with you.

Downloads & Documents

Autumn Equinox-Middle Body

Workshop Schedule

November (08-11) 2014


Duration: 1 day

Contact: [email protected]

€ 50/ per person

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On top of the package (accommodation, diving and transfers)

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