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Wadi Lahami is a secluded village in Egypt’s pristine "deep south". This destination is for the true explorer featuring an almost completely empty coastline, except for the occasional mangrove and herds of grazing camels. Lahami is definitely one Egypt’s last frontiers and an extremely valuable natural resource. Every diver should visit Lahami once in their life and explore the world-class Fury Shoals; the most pristine dive sites in the whole of the Red Sea. The hard corals of this enormous reef complex are believed to be one of the best examples worldwide.

One of the most unique aspects of Lahami is the mangrove area just north of the village. Many waders and shore birds are living and nesting here and it is a beautiful site to bird watch. You can always expect to see ospreys which are nesting here year round. Some of the more common birds are the White Heron, Night Heron, Striated Heron and sometimes the Spoonbill. The Sooty Falcon is common in the summer as well as the White-eyed Gull, and the White-cheeked and Caspian tern. Sometimes we are even fortunate enough to see Flamingos including the Pink Flamingo. In fall and spring thousands of small birds like Swallows, Stonechats, Pipits, Wagtails and Kingfisher can be seen.

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Wadi Lahami offers you a couple of outlets to visit during your diving free hours and evenings.

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