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Marsa Nakari is a charming village featuring a sheltered bay just 18 km south of Marsa Alam city. Its main appeal is its proximity to the Samadai protectorate (Dolphin House); one of the Red Sea’s most important national parks. The coral reef system of this off-shore reef and the dolphins that inhabit its lagoon are one of the southern Red Sea’s most popular attractions. Our operation offers exclusive access to this beautiful site by day boat. There are various other attractions including another national park called Wadi el Gemal. The Reserve area includes marine and terrestrial components. Wadi El Gemal and its delta are the central theme of the terrestrial reserve area while the marine component of the protected area encompasses a strip of coastal marine waters featuring patches of mangroves, as well as a number of marine islands (the Hamata archipelago and Wadi El Gemal Island).

Marsa Nakari is also a historical site dating back to the Roman times; known to the ancients as the port of Nechesia. The remains of its ruin are still present atop a hill towards the southern end of the bay.

Being a small village with a maximum occupancy of 120 people; a dedicated staff offers a more personalized service. Expect the silence and serenity of the desert atmosphere and the world-renowned beauty of the Red Sea reefs. Marsa Nakari is a lovely holiday for those seeking to experience Marsa Alam’s true heritage.

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Marsa Nakari offers you a couple of outlets to visit during your diving free hours and evenings.

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