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Marsa Nakari is one of Marsa Alam’s best kept secrets. It is a charming village in a quiet location 18km south of Marsa Alam city.  It has a rustic charm, giving a truly natural feel which is in-keeping with its surroundings which allows our guests to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the Red Sea’s natural resources, away from mass tourism. Marsa Nakari is a perfect base for exploring Marsa Alam’s highlights including El Nayzak Beach, Qulaan Lagoon, Sharm el Luli and Ras Hankorab. At the forefront of the development of Marsa Nakari is Red Sea Diving Safari’s sustainable tourism model, meaning access to the village is exclusive and limited to the carrying capacity of the house reef.

One of the marine highlights is the marine protectorate of Shaab Samadai (Dolphin House) where snorkelers and divers have the opportunity to encounter spinner dolphins in the wild, but in an environment which is regulated and controlled for the protection of the dolphin population. The coral reef system of this off-shore reef and the dolphins that inhabit its lagoon are one of the southern Red Sea’s most popular attractions. Our operation offers exclusive access to this beautiful site by speedboat in just 20 minutes.


Marsa Nakari itself is a historical site dating back to the Roman times; known to the ancients as the port of Nechesia, from where the bay takes its name. The remains of its ruin are still present atop a hill towards the southern end of the bay.


The nearby Wadi el Gemal National Park is one of the biggest attractions of the region with both marine and terrestrial areas covering over 7450 square kilometres. The marine component encompasses a strip of coastal waters with large patches of mangroves and sea grass beds, as well as a number of islands (the Hamata archipelago and Wadi El Gemal Island) which are breeding grounds for birds and turtles. On land, it covers a vast rocky desert and mountainours landscape, with various archaeological sites including Ptolemaic and Roman ruins, as well as mining sites from ancient Egypt. Wild animals including birds, camels, gazelles, foxes and Ibex roam the area.


Divers, snorkelers and free divers enjoy unlimited use of our house reef which is accessible from the beach by a wide, convenient entry point, with the coral reef starting directly from the shoreline and stretching both North and South from the entry point, offering 6 different diving or snorkelling profiles. The North reef is popular for its hard corals, fish life and anemone city, while divers love to explore the pinnacles and swim-throughs on the South Reef. The marine life at Marsa Nakari is particularly diverse and macro lovers enjoy the nudibranchs, shrimps, velvetfish, ghost pipefish, seamoths and other inhabitants there. Turtles and dolphins are not uncommon and a school of the open-mouthed Indian Mackarel patrol the inside of the bay constantly. Marsa Nakari is the first PADI IDC Resort in the region, with our own PADI Course Director on-site offering recreational and professional courses all year round.


The quality of the coral reefs which are accessible by boat and car from Marsa Nakari often catches divers and snorkelers by surprise. Despite their close proximity to the shore, the quality and diversity of the fish and coral life is astounding, and the variety of landscapes offers something for everyone from pinnacles, swim-throughs and canyons, to drop-offs, hard and soft coral gardens and sea grass beds. It is also possible to dive the wreck of the Hamada at Abu Ghusoun.  

A range of accommodation options are available, from our traditional tents on the beach which let you experience Red Sea Diving Safari as it used to be, through to our Deluxe Chalets with air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and views of the incredible desert landscape and house reef. Meals are served in our buffet restaurant which overlooks the centre of the village, and caters to all tastes and requirements.


A variety of local excursions are on offer with our carefully selected partners, including trips into the National Park, to see the archaeological sites, wildlife, ancient rock art or to ride a camel through its natural home, or experience a traditional dinner cooked by the Ababda bedouin under the stars.


With a maximum of 120 guests, the team at Marsa Nakari are dedicated to providing a very personal service. If you want to experience Marsa Alam’s true heritage away from mass tourism, then Marsa Nakari will not disappoint.

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