Red Sea Diving Safari is involved in a wide range of efforts and educative programs like Reef Check, Marine Biology Workshops, Videography Workshops, Photography Workshops.

Reef Check

Reef Check

As part of our Reef Check Program, Red Sea Diving Safari is proud to offer various Reef Check activities, from the Discover Reef Check Course, through to the Reef Check Eco Diver Trainer Course. We usually try to combine courses with our annual surveys to offer participants the chance to practice their skills. For full details of our schedule, please see below, and for further information about Red Sea Diving Safari’s participation in Reef Check, please check out our Reef Check page.

Please note: In 2020 we will not be conducting a Reef Check Eco Diver Course, however certified Eco Divers are welcome to join our survey team. Dates will be announced soon.

Reef Check Workshops Schedule

No scheduled work shops.

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