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The diving program of Red Sea Diving Safari is designed to accommodate any level diver from beginner to advanced and all aspects of the RSDS experience promote maximum diving enjoyment.

Our three villages were created in consideration of diving enthusiasts and our diving program covers more than 60 shore-based and off-shore dive sites.Our villages feature superb house reefs which are home to hundreds of marine life species and an excellent variety of soft and hard corals.

Our diving program gives you the options of unlimited house-reef diving, night diving, boat diving and speedboat diving to offshore reefs. We also have options for free divers and technical divers.

We offer different packages in each village to allow you to make the most of the diving opportunities available in the region, and to give you the ultimate flexibility on your diving holiday. Please see our village pages for details about our different diving concepts, diving education, dive sites, diving packages and facilities.

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Marine Life Sightings

Habili Nakari | Marsa Nakari Village (04 January)

More Marine Life Sightings

Dolphins | Marsa Shagra (01 March)

More Marine Life Sightings

Indian Mackerel | Marsa Shagra (27 November)

More Marine Life Sightings

Turtle During Night Dive | Marsa Shagra | 11.07.2020 (18 July)

More Marine Life Sightings


Elphinstone is a 375m long, off-shore reef with drop-offs descending to over 100m. Elphinstone is ranked...

Marsa Shagra House Reef

Marsa Shagra is one of the richest and most pristine house reefs in the south and has been declared a...

Marsa Abu Dabab

A short swim into the bay takes you to a large patch of sea grass, where the beautiful dugong, giant...

Marsa Egla

This site is a large sandy bay offering easy access to the reef. The site is rich in marine life and...

Marsa Samadai

This site is a large sandy bay offering easy access to the reef. The bay slowly slopes down and has a...

Ras Samadai

Ras is the Egyptian word for ‘head’, a small and narrow piece of land sticking out in the sea. The fringing...

Marsa Nakari House Reef

The house reef of Marsa Nakari offers a very interesting landscape inside the bay and beautiful coral...

Marsa El Foukery

This is a sandy bay with a sea grass bed in the center of the bay. The bay slopes down sharply over the...

Marsa Assalai

This natural bay makes a very easy and shallow dive. This site is a large sandy bay offering easy access...

Ras Tondoba

This site is a beautiful coral garden which is the northern corner of Tondoba Bay. Sightings include...

Shaab Nakari

This is a wonderful drift dive with a plateau and drop off in the North goingto the shallower South....

Habili Nakari

This site consists of a group of pinnacles that did not yet reach the surface. Huge soft corals in many...

Habili Dori

This is a small area to explore with 2 main pillars and some smaller pillars scattered around a sandy...

Habili El Ghadeer

This is a reef featuring a maze of pinnacles that look like reef gardens and create a local current....

Shaab Samadai

This site is a local Marine Park Area which is under protection of the government. Permits are required...

Shaab Sharm

This dive is similar to a dive at the famous Elphinstone reef further north. A long reef with 2 drop...

Abu Ghusoun

This is a dive site accessed from the shore featuring a cargo vessel called the Hamaada, which hit the...

Shaab Marsa Alam

The first dive features stunning hard coral formations. It is common here to see yellow goatfish, black...

Nakari's Om Halhala

Om Halhala is a pretty dive site consisting of a main reef and pinnacles scattered at the north west...

Big Dory

Big Dory (Dory El Kebir) is another scattering of pinnacles which are so much fun to explore. We...

Erg Nakari

Erg Nakari is a site we recently discovered and started to enjoy, and which is similar to, and close...

PADI Recreational Courses

Each of our three villages has an onsite PADI diving centre and we are able to offer a full range of PADI recreational courses from Discover Scuba Diving through to PADI Rescue Diver. We have a team of dedicated and experienced PADI instructors, Assistant Instructors and Divemasters. If you'd like to do a certain specialty course which is not listed here, feel free to contact us.

PADI Professional Courses

We offer a range of PADI Professional Courses. Start your PADI Pro career with PADI Divemaster and Assistant Instructor courses in any of our villages, or attend one of our IDC Courses in Marsa Nakari. More information can be found here

AIDA Free Diving Courses

Our resident AIDA Free Diving instructor is ready to let you experience the underwater world in a different way.

PADI TecRec Courses

We have an onsite PADI TecRec instructor available to teach the PADI Technical Diving Courses. 

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