Yes. The transfer price depends on the distance between the hotel of your choice and the RSDS dive center of your choice as well as on the number of people who would like to join the transfer. If you book a diving package at the following hotels we will provide transfer for free: Blue Reef Resort, Kahramana Resort, Amaraya Club or Calimera Habiba Beach Resort, and Brayka Bay Resort, Please contact us for details.

Elphinstone offers Hammerheads and Mantas from May until the end of August. From October until end of December, Elphinstone offers a chance to see Oceanic White Tip Sharks. This reef also offers chances to see many other species like grey reef sharks, silver tips, dolphins, napoleons, and many others. Chance to see Spinner Dolphins in Dolphin House (from Marsa Shagra and Marsa Nakari) and Satayah Reef (from Wadi Lahami) all year around. From Marsa Shagra and Marsa Nakari Villages we offer excursions to Marsa Abu Dabbab, which is famous for its resident dugong and green turtles that live on the sea grass. Occasional sightings of whale sharks and mantas occur during the plankton season (April-June). Our house reefs are regularly visited by bottlenose and spinner dolphins, as well as a host of other pelagic species including white and black tip reef sharks, turtles, Napoleon Wrasses, an abundance of hard and soft corals and hundreds of other marine life species.

Yes. Students and instructors will still have to book a standard diving package each in order to have full access to our diving facilities, tanks, etc. Contact us for further details.

From June till end of Oct: 3 mm
From Nov till May: 5 mm or 7 mm

No, but if you have yours with the specific tanks we can fill the tanks with air or O2 pure up to 120 bar

We have small tanks of 6 liters & 10 liters.

We do offer boots sizes from size 36 - 46. We also have wetsuits in a variety of sizes from XS to XXL.

Guests are automatically covered for decompression treatment in our local recompression chamber run by Baro Medical for a compulsory fee of 7 Euros (payable on site). Doctor support is available 24/7 and the chamber support program has a validity of 28 days for diving accidents only. It includes emergency chamber treatment (incl. HBO sessions if needed) for 2 days, doctor’s fees, diagnosis, as well as equipment and medicines used in treatment. The program does not cover hospitalization or any means of transport of the injured person.

All our locations have a diving centre with every kind of equipment you might need, including depth gauge or computer. Please let us know before you arrive what sizes you need for your wetsuit, BCD and booties (through your travel agent) before you arrive.

Red Sea Diving Safari offers Nitrox Diving for an extra charge of 2 Euro per dive. Diving with Nitrox in Elphinstone is not allowed. Nitrox tanks are only available for certified Nitrox divers. Nitrox Courses are offered in all RSDS locations.

Twin tanks are only available for diving at Marsa Shagra Village and for certified technical divers only. The certification issued by a technical diving federation should be handed to the diving center prior to the dives. Please note that only Shagra Village is a certified Tech Diving Facility, therefore the maximum depth allowed in Nakari and Wadi Lahami even for technical divers is 30 meter (40m for certified deep divers). Public Rate for Double Tank: 10 EUR per day for certified technical divers.

15 Liter tanks are available in Shagra and Nakari Villages (according to availability) for an extra charge of 3 Euro per dive.

Red Sea Diving Safari does not allow decompression diving and the maximum depth in the Red Sea is limited to 30 meters (40m for certified deep divers only) for recreational divers. Divers participating on one of our TDI Technical Diving Courses, or who are a certified technical diver, accompanied by our technical guide/instructor may dive deeper according to their certification in Marsa Shagra and should consult with our base leader to discuss this further.

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