Shagra Village: Our 40 Deluxe Chalets feature personal safe boxes. For guests staying in Tents and Huts, there are 35 lockers in the reception. In Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami Villages: your valuables can be kept in the reception safe.

The state of the art Baro Medical Decompression Chamber of Marsa Alam is located on the premises of Marsa Shagra Village. The staff consists of doctors that are specialized in hyperbaric treatment and are operating 24/7. There are hospitals in Port Ghalib and Marsa Alam city.

Our villages are equipped with plenty of first aid supplies: wound disinfectant, plasters and bandages, light pain killers, etc. Our doctors in Baro Medical are equipped with all professional medical supplies you might need in case of an emergency or an illness. For your own comfort you can bring insect repellant and insect bite creams – these items can also be purchased on site.

Marsa Alam sits 800km south of Cairo – at least 8 hours drive. The road to reach Marsa Alam is very secure, with three high security checkpoints between the border of the Red Sea Governorate and Hurghada (the 3rd being 5km north of El Gouna). At these checkpoints, luggage, people and cars are all fully checked. There are a further two large checkpoints to Marsa Alam, and another three to Wadi Lahami (plus a further three to Ras Banas). The Tourism Police, Coastguards and Military control the region making it isolated from anyone who is not a tourist or tourism worker. Marsa Alam has a small, close, population of only 10,000 people who all have an interest in tourism.

We also have our own security 24/7, patrolling the property, beach, entrance points and borders, and we have always had this, even before the revolution of 2011.

Tourism is a high priority for Egypt and the government is taking no risks, and sparing no expense to ensure that tourists feel safe, and are safe.

We recommend that all guests read the advice of their home governments before deciding whether to travel to Egypt. Although we are confident of the security and safety of Marsa Alam, we also want our guests to be aware about their government’s official view and how this might affect them, should they decide to travel.

Guests should be aware that the region currently featured in the media as being ‘high risk’ is a small, isolated area of North Sinai which is some 1000km and 12 hours drive from Marsa Alam City.
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