Cultural Heritage

Supporting the indigenous tribes of the Southern Red Sea and Eastern Desert

There are 2 indigenous tribes living around the southern Red Sea and eastern Desert; the Ababda and Bishariya. Both tribes are descendants of the Beja Tribe which were living as nomadic herdsmen for hundreds of years. Due to a drought in the region that has lasted nearly a decade, these nomadic tribes have been forced to settle closer to the coast. Their cultural heritage & traditions are now being threatened by the intrusion of modern civilization and unsustainable tourism practices.

To counter these effects, our team is actively promoting the Bedouin culture and integrating this into the tourism experience. By promoting the Bedouin history and heritage in our tourism program, we ensure a means of income to support the livelihood of the local tribe. Many of these Bedouins have been educated through us and are now acting as tour guides and hosts, promoting their culture and way of life. Other Bedouins and locals (who have traditionally been fisherman) are finding that working as skippers and boat captains is much more profitable and ensures a steady income from the tourism industry. These fishermen still get the satisfaction of working in the sea, with added benefits such as less work hours, higher income, and job stability.

Every Saturday in Marsa Shagra, we invite several local women to sell traditional, handmade Bedouin products. Our guests are invited to support them by buying souvenirs and gifts to take home. We also offer traditional bedouin products for sale in Bawadi Bedouin Cafe on the beach at Marsa Shagra. Bawadi is an intimate Bedouin lounge right on the beach where you can enjoy traditional drinks, wine, local beer and Sheesha (water pipe). This is the perfect alternative to loud and crowded hotel discotheques - you can simply enjoy a relaxed and calm evening with your family and friends right on the beach. For an extra special evening, traditional Bedouin dinners can be organised at Bawadi, and we often hold campfire evenings with traditional music and cultural entertainment from the local Ababda.

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