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“Eco-diving” is a term Red Sea Diving Safari has coined to describe an environmentally oriented and educational diving experience.

These are a rare and unforgettable series of workshops where nature lovers are encouraged to develop their knowledge of marine biology and underwater eco-systems. We work in a team effort under the supervision of marine biologists and scientists gathering valuable data and knowledge about the Red Sea.

Red Sea Diving Safari also facilitates and supports international scientific research by providing accommodation, logistics, liaison and information exchange between individual marine scientists, national and international conservation agencies, and undergraduate university students.

You too, can contribute to this by taking part in one of our Eco-diving workshops or on-site research projects:

HEPCA Turtlewatch Project: Have you seen a turtle whilst diving or snorkelling at any of our sites? Even better, have you managed to get a photo? Simple data about the sighting, backed up with photos is all you need. You can read more about the project here.

Please follow the link for an example of our contribution to international eco-research projects: Reef Check

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