Terrestrial Wildlife

Although at a first glance the valleys and deserts of the southern Red Sea look inhospitable, a wide variety of birds, reptiles and mammals call this region home.

Moreover, the magnificent valleys of the desert support the highest diversity of terrestrial plants in Egypt. Animals that inhabit the wadis include many rare species like the Nubian Ibex, Capra Ibex Nubiana, and the Hyrax. Wild donkeys, camels, and gazelle are also abundant in the region and feed on the vegetation of the desert. Many waders and shore birds are living and nesting in the regions along the coast and valleys. You can always expect to see ospreys which are nesting here year round. Some of the more common birds are the White Heron, Night Heron, Striated Heron and sometimes the Spoonbill. The Sooty Falcon is common in the summer as well as the White-eyed Gull, and the White-cheeked and Caspian tern. Sometimes we are even fortunate enough to see Flamingos including the Pink Flamingo. In fall and spring thousands of small birds like Swallows, Stonechats, Pipits, Wagtails and Kingfisher can be seen.

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