Water Management

Fresh water is a scarce and valuable resource in this regions hyper-arid climate. In an effort to help conserve the scarce resources of the region, Red Sea Diving Safari has implemented water recycling practices.

We have teamed up with KarmWater to open Marsa Alam's first fully solar powered water desalination plant, using reverse-osmosis technology, to provide water to Marsa Shagra.

We have an on-site wastewater treatment system. Our waste-water treatment plant is comprised of three principal components: an equalization tank, an aerated reactor, and a clarifier. The equalization tank receives and temporarily holds the wastewater which is gradually fed to the aerated reactor. From here the raw wastewater is aerated and mixed with bacteria to be purified. The function of the bacteria is to transform the organic pollutants into CO2 gas and new bacterial mass. This reactor is designed to retain the wastewater for a defined period before discharging to the clarifier. The clarifier chamber allows the bacterial mass to separate and settle from the effluent. This effluent is chlorinated, filtered, and then used for irrigation on the property’s landscape
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