Green Fins: Best Practice

As a Green Fins member this dive centre is committed to protecting the marine environment by following this best practice. If you notice lack of compliance to any of the following practices please report to [email protected].

7 things divers must do:

  • Respect marine life and shoot photos without disturbing the environment
  • Practice buoyancy control & photography skills
  • Only touch rock or dead coral if necessary
  • Ensure all equipment is secured & do not drag over reefs
  • Avoid stirring up sediment by keeping your distance
  • Support conservation & champion Green Fins
  • Practice advanced finning techniques

7 things divers must not do:

  • Do not litter
  • Do not wear gloves
  • Do not feed the fish
  • Do not collect marine life souvenirs - it may be ILLEGAL
  • Do not chase, touch, poke, spear or capture marine life
  • Do not place cameras on reefs or move marine life to capture a better shot
  • Do not touch or step on coral

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