Energy Conservation

Switching to renewable energy

Many of our guests ask us about our energy conservation practices. Marsa Alam was only recently connected to the national grid, so generators are still the most common way of providing power to hotels and resorts.  In 2020 were able to switch 70% of the electricity usage in Marsa Shagra to solar energy following the construction of our very own solar field beside our existing generators. At the beginning of 2022 we were able to connect our solar field to the grid, meaning there is no waste electricity generated from our facility. We have already started constructing solar fields in Marsa Nakari and Wadi Lahami but until then we have to use diesel generators. Generators need a minimum load to work efficiently and this is why there are lights on at certain hours during daylight. Within our operation we endeavour to ensure our boats and vehicles are filled to maximum capacity and we have recently invested in such technologies as LED lightbulbs. 

One of the main obstacles to converting to these types of technologies is that these are relatively new trends in Egypt. Due to our remoteness in the southern Red Sea, a complete transition to renewable energy is not as straightforward as you may think – we must obtain and have parts shipped, installed and configured, essentially in the middle of the desert. Without access to these technologies and skills, our company must work with partner organisations to embrace the task of introducing these technologies to the region.

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