A protected species which has a very important role to play

Mangroves are a diverse group of salt-tolerant plants that grow primarily in tropical and subtropical regions. A “mangrove” can be defined as a tree, shrub, palm or ground fern, generally exceeding more than half a meter in height, and which normally grow above mean sea level in the intertidal zones of marine coastal environments.

Mangroves in Egypt are a protected species and are conserved under two environmental laws, namely 102 of 1983 and 4 of 1994. You may have noticed a large blue sign on entering our villages which states their protection. Two species of Mangroves exist along the Red Sea coast; Avicennia Marina and Rhyzophora Mucronata. The saline conditions tolerated by mangroves make them an oasis in this desert. Mangroves are a habitat for shore and sea birds and mangrove roots provide marine organisms like algae, sponges, and crabs, with shelter. Wadi Lahami features one of the largest areas of Mangrove stands which are one of the reasons this bay is a protected area. We ask our guest to keep a distance from the mangrove shrubs, including their roots which stick up from the ground, and never trample over them.

Unfortunately rubbish which is dumped by boats in the open sea sometimes washes up and gets caught in the mangrove branches and roots. We try to keep this area clean to protect the mangroves and species living there but welcome our guests to do their part by carefully removing any rubbish if it is easy and safe to do so. 

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